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Solve real-life business problems for innovating companies. Work closely together with the management teams of innovating companies to solve the problems they are facing.

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The SIM platform was founded by Strategic Innovation Management (SIM) Master students of the University of Groningen. The SIM platform provides SIM Master students the opportunity to increase their practical business knowledge through working on real-life business problems provided by our partner companies.

All SIM Master students are invited to join the Platform, to share ideas and to solve Business problems. We do not judge on your resume, all what counts is your motivation to extend your skills in consulting. Would you like to join a Business case and help firms solve problems they face at this single moment? Than apply for one of our business cases and extend your consulting experience!

  • Solve real-life business problems

    We provide the opportunity for you to work together with highly innovative companies solving actual problems they face in their business activities.

  • Boost your practical business knowledge

    Apply the theoretical knowledge you have learned at the University, by extending your practical skills through real Business Cases. Choose from several Business Cases to increase your knowledge in specific business areas.

  • Boost your resume

    Signal your ambitions towards your future employer by actively working together with the SimPlatform partners.

  • Expand your network

    Create value for your future career. Use the SIM platform to get in touch with multiple companies, meet and greet with the managers and cooperate to solve the issues their organization is facing.

Overview business cases:

All Strategic Innovation Management students are allowed to apply for the business cases.
Contact us on: to express your interest and help to solve a real-life business case.

Van Berlo Business Case

The kick-off of the Business case toward innovation with Van Berlo.

  • Van Berlo is an industrial design company, specialized at designing innovative product designs.
  • Was praised with 17 winning designing awards in the last two years.
  • Designed products: Durex embrace, Yomani Payment security, Vanish bottles, Bosch Smart Thermostat and more.
  • Visit: to learn more about the company.

Van Berlo’s Succes:

“That’s in large part due to our people. We can create the difference for our clients not only because we have a highly skilled team of experts, but because we work well together as a whole. The VanBerlo family has its own unique atmosphere, and working with us is more than a job. It’s an experience.”

Business Case:

One of VanBerlo’s biggest clients has noticed the exponential growth of online shopping in the industry. What should be changed, what opportunities emerge, and which impact does the change toward e-commerce has on the way business is done.  For more specified information, please contact us.